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Triple Confirmation Utility Token Presale

The Triple Confirmation Presale is your chance to get exposure to the Triple Confirmation Ecosystem before anybody else in a decentralized, blockchain-secured, and censorship-resistant manner. The Avalanche Blockchain secures the whole process; every transaction is public for anybody to see, we don't have anything to hide. Up to 90% of all USDC raised during Presale will be used for the initial Liquidity Pool to support a stable decentralized Token Listing. Boost your TC ecosystem exposure even more with Vesting+.

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Decentralized Approach


Our Presale entails six different rounds with an increasing token price. Rounds one and two are purely community rounds to give crypto enthusiasts and communities all around the globe a chance to get their hands on the TC Utility Tokens. Rounds three to six are for the general public and users out there.


Vesting+ allows you to determine whether you want to vest your tokens for a year or not. YOU can decide if you will do it and how much of your precious tokens you'd like to vest. If you choose to do so, you can earn up to 12% more TC Tokens and one of our special Presale NFTs.


Up to 90% of all funds raised during our Presale will be used to host our first TC/USDC Liquidity Pool on Avalanche. A strong Liquidity Pool with enough funds to support stable price movements is essential for the success of our Utility Token.

Lets explain

Vesting +

Vesting+ is a new way of receiving Tokens after Presale. Most Projects lock up your Tokens for a long time, and you're not in control of your funds. The process is often hard to understand, or you lose significant token value because you can't access your tokens. With Vesting+, you can decide how much of your tokens you want to vest and receive substantial benefits. The choice is always yours!

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