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Meet the Triple Confirmation Indicator Kit

Support the ongoing development of the TC project by becoming a Patreon. As a thank you for your support, you'll receive access to our comprehensive Tradingview Indicator Kit, designed to improve your trading skills and strategy. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your trading performance.

What our users are saying

"The TC A Indicator has so many features built into an understandable package. Autofib level generation feels like cheating because of its accuracy. Having the break lines tell me if the market is bullish or bearish gives me added confidence and less distractions to take the trade when TC hits!"

@TC | Jay

"I really appreciate the Trendespresso indicator as it combines four useful indicators - Trend, Momentum, Volume, and Volatility - into one convenient package. In my experience, it has helped me achieve a high success rate when manually trading."


The TC A Indicator has been an incredible tool to utilize through my trading journey.  It comes preloaded with everything you need to get a clear picture of current market conditions, and in turn helps you make better decisions when it comes to your trading.  It comes with a lot packed into a neat package, but what I like most is the ability to customize the indicator to suit your own needs and trading style.  This indicator was a staple in me becoming profitable for the first time.

@TC | Zeemus

"If TC A was a car then it would have been a Tesla! It's accurate and reads the charts before you even blink plus it has lots of smart features that are useful for any trader's needs like market structure break line, autofibs and volume candles. It also has the the TC confirmation feature integrated and the design is the friendliest you can find out there in the world of indicators. Definitely a must have!"

@TC | Heimo

I've been using Trendespresso indicators for 1.5+ years now. It's a powerful suite of tools for trading. I originally intended to use for bot trading, but ultimately found I preferred to use along with my own TA for manual trading. I always keep the TE indicators saved on my chart and use for trade confirmations for stocks and crypto, scalp and swing. I'm always looking at trend, momentum, and divergences before I enter or exit a trade.


One of the best all-in-one indicators for retail: displaying signals based on trend, momentum, volatility, and volume. The automated option is incredible, but my favorite are the oscillators which allow me to make my own decisions based on my own trading strategy. When people ask me for my top indicator of choice, this is my pick.


What is included in the Triple Confirmation Indicator Kit?

Triple Confirmation A
Triple Confirmation + Icon

This comprehensive tool includes always up-to-date Fibonacci levels, a range of moving averages (EMA, HMA, SMA, WMA, ALMA, VWMA) in fully adjustable Compare-Ribbons, a Market Structure indicator for tracking shifts in market structure, and a Div Hunter for detecting divergences across multiple indicators. The Triple Confirmation Signal helps identify potential trades, and the Bollinger Band Width Percentile (BBWP) provides valuable information on volatility. Visual analysis is also possible with volume-colored candles. Take your trading to the next level with TC A.

Trendespresso Affogato
Triple Confirmation + Icon

Trendespresso Affogato is an exceptionally flexible and fully customisable indicator intended to give signals for automated trading. With refined filtering and advanced trend analysis, Affogato is uniquely positioned to help you find only the most rewarding entries and exits. Sending webhooks for external execution and automatic backtesting are both supported. Make trades as mwah as dessert. Have yourself a treat; have an Affogato.

Trendespresso Breva
Triple Confirmation + Icon

Trendespresso Breva shares much of its identity with Affogato, but instead of encouraging you to savour the outcome, it brings you into conversation to manifest it yourself. Breva is all about identifying the direction, strength, and macro significance of a trending market. Breva also features directional indexing and average true range analysis, thereby identifying when a market is sideways or ranging rather than trending. Take an afternoon break; have yourself a Breva.

Triple Confirmation Presale Silver NFT
Legendary Triple Confirmation Presale NFT
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But wait, there's more in our Indicator Kit!

Trendespresso Cappuccino
Triple Confirmation + Icon

Trendespresso Cappuccino measures the rate of change and helps compliment Breva in showing the direction of the market. Cappuccino combines both momentum and volatility into an easy-to-navigate, well-refined package. Like any good Cappuccino it's equal parts espresso and foam: Blending together dark, rich, and full-bodied tones with a light, airy, and mellow milk. Together, momentum and volatility can help you visualise where and when the market is likely to move. Sit back and relax, with a Cappuccino of course.

Trendespresso Doppio
Triple Confirmation + Icon

Trendespresso Doppio is a double shot of divergences. It analyses all four categories of price action against any other indicator and prints out all divergences: Bullish Regular, Bullish Hidden, Bearish Regular, and Bearish Hidden. As a standalone indicator, Doppio uses an internally-generated industry-standard RSI 14 to plot divergences. When a different source is selected, Doppio turns into an incredibly powerful tool by helping you to see where shifts in market structure or momentum might occur. Are you ready for stimulation? Mix and match your favourite indicators with a Doppio.

Trendespresso Strategy Wrapper
Triple Confirmation + Icon

Trendespresso Strategy Wrapper is a simple open-source utility script allowing you to easily backtest any indicator in TradingView. Strategy Wrapper takes in a plot() and uses the following values to print out a backtest: 1 for Long Entry, 2 for Long Exit, -1 for Short Entry, and -2 for Short Exit. Strategy Wrapper is compatible with any PineScript indicator and natively supported by all Trendespresso Suite indicators.