The Triple Confirmation Ecosystem

Discover the future of trading with our non-custodial bot, designed for consistent gains. Choose your pace with strategies for both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Leverage the power of NFTs within our ecosystem and enjoy reduced fees and increased profits. Immerse yourself in our innovative, blockchain-based browser game, and join our vibrant crypto community rich with collective experience. Explore a new era of crypto trading with us today.

DEX Trading Bot

Welcome to the world’s premier non-custodial trading bot, designed to grow your wealth while you rest. Unleashing consistent crypto gains has never been simpler – no prior trading knowledge required!


CEX Trading Bot

New to decentralization? No worries! Profit effortlessly with our time-tested strategies for multiple centralized exchanges. Simplifying your trading journey is our mission, no matter if it’s on-chain or on an traditional exchange.

TC DevKit

Fond of our DEX Trading Bot? Looking to introduce it to your community or integrate it into your existing crypto project? Explore our comprehensive TC DevKit for seamless integration, while we’re maintaining it.


We’re revolutionizing the concept of NFTs by harnessing their potent utility. Experience reduced fees and maximized profits within our trading ecosystem through our unique NFTs. 

Pothead World

Excited to reveal our long-awaited, blockchain-based browser game! Build your Cannabis empire in this engaging clicker-style game, and rise through the ranks competing against other players.

Trading Community

Join a top-tier crypto trading community amassing centuries of combined experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader, our community is a trove of value for everyone.

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Triple Confirmation Business Plan

You might be seeking our Whitepaper, a typical expectation in the crypto ecosystem. However, we believe the Whitepaper should primarily focus on the technical side, which we’re not quite ready to divulge. Instead, we’re eager to share our ideas, values, and financial structures through our comprehensive Business Plan. For those looking to delve into the heart of our vision, this document is essential reading!

Triple Confirmation Pitch Deck

Want a concise overview of our project to share with friends or family? Or perhaps just a refresher on what sets us apart? We’ve created an engaging Pitch Deck just for that purpose. Regularly updated, especially with our latest monthly profits, it offers a quick yet informative snapshot of our current performance and overall trajectory. Check it out to stay abreast of our progress!

Triple Confirmation Documentation

Even the most outstanding project loses value if its user base is in the dark. That’s why we’ve meticulously documented all aspects of the Triple Confirmation Ecosystem. To fully understand our offerings, associated fees, and what you can expect from us, we highly recommend going through these documents before using our products. Informed usage is key to a successful trading experience with us.

Community-Centric Approach

At Triple Confirmation, our mission is firmly rooted in the community. Created by the community, for the community, our project thrives on authenticity and transparency, offering no room for empty promises or fluff. Every interaction, piece of knowledge, or engagement you experience here is a product of our exceptional community’s collaborative effort. Our dedicated team of Moderators, Ambassadors, and Senior Ambassadors work tirelessly to propel Triple Confirmation to unparalleled heights. Join us, and you’ll experience firsthand the power of a truly community-driven approach.

Daily Triple Confirmation Blog

We publish a fresh blog article daily, educating our community about crucial topics in the crypto and trading realm. No hidden costs or paywalls, just pure, accessible knowledge. Each post is designed to be easily understandable – we don’t overcomplicate. We firmly believe that crypto and trading should be for everyone, and we strive to make it attainable for all. So, remember to drop by daily to tap into your regular dose of Triple Confirmation insights.

Triple Confirmed LIVE Podcast

Thrice weekly, our founder Adam Hesketh, also known as TheBakedPotato, delves into the latest happenings in the crypto and financial markets, with a particular focus on the Triple Confirmation Strategy. We guarantee that regular listeners will find their trading skills considerably enhanced! Join our Discord community to tune into these podcasts live and field your questions. This podcast is created with you in mind, so make the most of it!

Monday Triple Confirmed Podcast With Potato BTC, ETH, S&P, DXY and more #221 07/17/2023

by Adam Hesketh aka TheBakedPotato

The Newsletter for Crypto Traders

Once a week, receive our exclusive Triple Confirmation Newsletter straight to your inbox. Gain insights into the latest market trends, review the week’s blog posts, and absorb valuable trading wisdom. This newsletter, crafted by Triple Confirmation’s founders and our most informed community members, guarantees new learning every week. Absolutely free of charge, no hidden costs, and no nonsense – just pure, essential knowledge.

Triple Confirmation Trading Community

Knowledge indeed is power, and power is what we offer through our Triple Confirmation Trading Community. With hundreds of years of collective wisdom in the realms of crypto and trading, we’re a trove of insights, tips, and strategies, ready for you to unearth.

Whether you’re a novice dipping your toes into the crypto waters or a seasoned pro sailing through the trading sea, our community is an invaluable resource that can significantly enhance the quality of your trades. We boast some of the best minds in the crypto-trading industry, always eager to share their knowledge, lessons learned, and insightful perspectives.

By engaging in our community, you’ll gain access to real-time discussions on market trends, trading strategies, risk management, and much more. It’s not just about the technical aspects, but also the shared experiences, successes, and even the missteps that offer rich learning opportunities.

Don’t let this chance slip away! Connect with like-minded individuals, learn from the best, and give your trading game the lift it deserves. Join us today, because every day is a chance to learn something new in the ever-evolving world of crypto trading.

Step up your Trading Game with the Triple Confirmation Indicator Suite

Explore our extensive suite of comprehensive trading tools, each designed to enhance your trading prowess. TC A combines the latest Fibonacci levels, adjustable Compare-Ribbons, a Market Structure indicator, a Div Hunter, and more for a versatile trading experience. Trendespresso Affogato, a fully customizable indicator, enables refined filtering and advanced trend analysis for profitable entries and exits. Joining the lineup is Trendespresso Breva, focusing on identifying trending market aspects and featuring directional indexing. Complementing Breva is Trendespresso Cappuccino, a tool that blends momentum and volatility analysis for easy navigation. Trendespresso Doppio stands as a potent tool for divergence analysis across all aspects of price action. Lastly, our Trendespresso Strategy Wrapper offers an easy way to backtest any indicator on TradingView. Together, these tools serve as your arsenal for a profitable and insightful trading journey.

Triple Confirmation LLP operates with a strict commitment to comply with all relevant financial regulations and passionately supports the cause of a well-regulated and decentralized financial landscape. However, investments in cryptoassets are high-risk, with potential for significant losses. The FCA, FSCS, and FOS have specific stances on cryptoassets that investors should be aware of. Users should always consult professionals and research thoroughly before any investments. Use of our dApp implies acceptance of these risks, and Triple Confirmation LLP isn’t liable for any resultant losses. Always diversify investments and be cautious.


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