User Support

Should you require assistance pertaining to our services, we encourage you to engage with us on our Discord Server. By opening a ticket in the “contact-us” channel, you can ensure a swift response to your inquiries. This method is not only effective but also streamlines our ability to provide you with the help you need.

Contact the Triple Confirmation Team

Should you wish to reach out to the Triple Confirmation Team, we warmly invite you to join our Discord Server for the most expedient response. Alternatively, you’re welcome to communicate with us via email at:

Where is TC headquartered?

Triple Confirmation is registered as an LLP in London, United Kingdom, under the company number OC446224 since March 10th, 2023. It’s essential to highlight that our founding team hails from across the globe. With one founder based in Canada, another in the United States, and the last in the United Kingdom, we truly embody the ethos that Triple Confirmation knows no borders!

Is the identity of the founders known?

Indeed! We believe in full transparency. Our founding team, comprising Will Baker from the United Kingdom, Adam Hesketh from Canada, and Jonas Schramm from the United States, is fully disclosed.

Are you open to partnerships?

Definitely! We warmly invite any collaboration propositions. Whether you’re eager to introduce your project to our community, envision a seamless integration with our project, or simply wish to discuss potential opportunities, we’d be delighted to connect. Please reach out to us and we’ll respond promptly. We eagerly await the chance to explore the possibilities with you!

Triple Confirmation LLP operates with a strict commitment to comply with all relevant financial regulations and passionately supports the cause of a well-regulated and decentralized financial landscape. However, investments in cryptoassets are high-risk, with potential for significant losses. The FCA, FSCS, and FOS have specific stances on cryptoassets that investors should be aware of. Users should always consult professionals and research thoroughly before any investments. Use of our dApp implies acceptance of these risks, and Triple Confirmation LLP isn’t liable for any resultant losses. Always diversify investments and be cautious.


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