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Imagine a Trading Bot
BUt onchain


Imagine NFTs
But with massive usecases

Imagine a Community
But actually be part of one

Imagine Crypto Integration
But in our Community Discord

Imagine GameFi
But in our Community Discord


The Story of tc(C)


The Baked Potato is one of our co-founders and an experienced freelance technical analyst. After nearly a decade of learning stuff & things, he perfected his Triple Confirmation strategy, an ingenious and unparalleled method for identifying high success rate entry-and-exit points of momentum trades.

After a time of extremely successful wealth building and creativity, Master Potato decided to share with the world his incredible method. He formed a Discord community as well as a YouTube channel, both of which have thousands of subscribers. Potato continued to build the community around his strategy, and with the assistance of our other founder Slumdoge, created corresponding indicators for Trading View. The system matured and improved with the help of the community, growing organically.

The strategy is so foolproof and structured that it was almost a given that it would be the foundation for a fully automated trading bot. We started coding the bot with the support of the TC community.

Community is what created all of this. Our community deserves its token, its playground, so we can trade, play, and earn together. 

Happy Trading, Degens!

With love,
TC(C) Team

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The Insane

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Collect our limited Community NFTs 

NFT Use-cases
• Access to Pothead World
• Reduction of TC Upkeep
• Reduction of Net-Profit Sharing
• Reduction of Immediate Withdrawal Penalty 
• Increase of TCC Bot Bonus Rewards 

That means if you have any level Pothead NFT you can:
• Bask in Pothead World glory
• Pay less TC per week to run the bot
• Owe less USDC in net-profit sharing
• Owe a lower penalty to withdraw USDC immediately
• And earn bonus TCC rewards for having USDC deposited into the bot.

The higher your Pothead NFT level, the bigger those benefits.

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