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Non-Custodial Trading Bot

Sustainable Gains in the world’s most volatile market.

We’ve created a non-custodial Trading Platform on the Avalanche blockchain. The automated Triple Confirmation Strategy powers our revolutionary platform, constantly analysing the market even while you sleep. 

The Triple Confirmation Approach

Triple Confirmation is pioneering change in the crypto world with our non-custodial, automated trading platform. Harnessing the power of Avalanche and other EVM-compatible blockchains, our platform analyzes market trends and facilitates trading, all while ensuring users have complete control over their funds through smart contracts.

A New Era of Profitable Trading

Triple Confirmation is reshaping crypto trading by removing custodianship. Leveraging 0x for executing trades and AAVE for short positions, we’ve created a unique decentralized fund movement mechanism. Our aim is to bolster the industry’s decentralization while offering a safe, profitable, and automated trading journey for crypto enthusiasts.


At Triple Confirmation, we value our user community. We encourage active engagement and mutual growth, creating an environment where every voice counts.


We prioritize security by leveraging robust protocols of Avalanche and EVM-compatible blockchains. Our non-custodial approach ensures users retain control over their assets.


Transparency is our core principle. We provide clear visibility of our trading strategies and executions, backed by a team ready to answer any queries, about your investments.

Analyze the Market like never before!

Meet the Triple Confirmation Indicator. This comprehensive tool includes always up-to-date Fibonacci levels, a range of moving averages (EMA, HMA, SMA, WMA, ALMA, VWMA) in fully adjustable Compare-Ribbons, a Market Structure indicator for tracking shifts in market structure, and a Div Hunter for detecting divergences across multiple indicators. The Triple Confirmation Signal helps identify potential trades, and the Bollinger Band Width Percentile (BBWP) provides valuable information on volatility. Visual analysis is also possible with volume-colored candles. Take your trading to the next level with TC A. 

Triple Confirmation LLP operates with a strict commitment to comply with all relevant financial regulations and passionately supports the cause of a well-regulated and decentralized financial landscape. However, investments in cryptoassets are high-risk, with potential for significant losses. The FCA, FSCS, and FOS have specific stances on cryptoassets that investors should be aware of. Users should always consult professionals and research thoroughly before any investments. Use of our dApp implies acceptance of these risks, and Triple Confirmation LLP isn’t liable for any resultant losses. Always diversify investments and be cautious.


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